As a hands-on tester your goal should be to do things to the software to cause it to break! Although it’s necessary and should be where you start testing, it’s just not good enough to test that the system does what is expected of it. The best testers will make the project team aware of the potential damage that would be caused by unexpected events or user inputs long before the software is delivered.

You’ll be known to the project team as

test consultant
test engineer
test analyst…
Your main responsibilities are

test case writing
test execution
results analysis
defect reporting
test reporting…

updated: November 01 2017

What are the types of system testing?

A Quora user asks about the different types of system testing. To answer the question, I provided a reference to this wikipedia page which lists the following types of system testing. Graphical user interface testing Usability testing Software performance testing Compatibility testing Exception handling Load testing Volume testing Stress testing Security … Continue reading What are the types of system testing?

How to Write a Good Defect Report

Bug Report

Writing a good defect report or issue report is one of the most important skills required of a software tester. The art of creating a well-written defect report requires a balanced combination of insight, testing and communication skills. The ultimate goal of each defect report is to prevent specific, significant problems within a software … Continue reading How to Write a Good Defect Report

What Is Software Testing? – The Truthful Answer.

what is testing virtual reality world engineering

When writing a good software testing strategy, you should provide an answer to the question, “What is Software testing?”. Your definition of software testing will probably be similar to those offered by most of your mainstream resources including ISTQB, Wikipedia or blackboxtest.com which include statements such as: “investigation and evaluation of software product quality”; … Continue reading What Is Software Testing? – The Truthful Answer.