About Testing Advice

Testing Advice Intro

Testing Advice has been created to provide information, guidance and insight into all aspects of software testing. The site is organised to make it a breeze to find articles, forum topics and software testing job posts specific to each of the software testing job roles.

Software Testing Jobs Focus

Test managers / leads, hands-on testers and test developers alike will find valuable information here to provide assistance to perform software testing jobs more effectively. The aim is to help you on your way in the achievement of software testing career success.

Testing Topics Coverage

You’ll find within this site plenty of software testing topics. Amongst those featured are

  • what is testing?
  • test planning
  • test execution
  • test strategy
  • testing tools
  • software testing jobs
  • software testing interview questions and techniques and many, many more

Non Software Testing Jobs Coverage

Testing Advice also provides guidance for project team members carrying out non software testing jobs. Amongst those covered are project managers, developers, product managers and technical architects. To succeed in these roles you need not only to appreciate the value of testing, but will at times have direct responsibility for carrying out actual testing activities.

Testing Advice Site Layout

Finding info on software testing jobs relevant to you is really easy. Just click on your job role in the main menu and you can select from either articles, forums, job pages or tools. For example, if you’re a performance tester and want to read the latest articles related to your role, simply select from the menu “performance tester” -> “articles”.

A description of each menu option is given below…

  • Articles : Informative content written by Testing Advice authors
  • Forums : Pages where you can ask for advice or write your own articles. Testing Advice authors or other users can reply to your entries. An original entry is often responded to with many replies forming a discussion thread.
  • Jobs Pages : Lists of software testing jobs relevant to your desired role and location
  • Tools : Information and reviews about Software Testing Tools designed to support your role.

Software testing jobs pages and forums can also be browsed by selecting their respective main menu links.

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