Modern vs. Traditional Software Tester Infographic

I came across this infographic by QA Symphony which compares the modern tester with the traditional tester. The main message it gives is that the modern tester is a highly valued asset to the project team rather than the costly inconvenience the traditional tester is perceived as.

Cucumber Usage Command Line Parameters

cucumber logo

This article lays out the parameters and options that can be added to the cucumber command when run from the command line. Cucumber is a software tool that helps to bring the disciplines of testing, coding and business analysis together through a Behavior Driven Development approach to software development. It executes … Continue reading Cucumber Usage Command Line Parameters

What are the types of system testing?

A Quora user asks about the different types of system testing. To answer the question, I provided a reference to this wikipedia page which lists the following types of system testing. Graphical user interface testing Usability testing Software performance testing Compatibility testing Exception handling Load testing Volume testing Stress testing Security … Continue reading What are the types of system testing?